Who We Are

John Paton


John Paton retired from law enforcement over 25 years ago and now follows his second passion. John now has over 25 years experience in construction and home building. His fascination with building started as a boy where he built houses with his father and learned the trade. John is patient, opened minded and always likes to learn about new products or techniques to make your home better.

Fun facts:

John is the proud father of two sons and has six grandchildren.

  • The grandkids call him “Grandpa Minky!?!”  Lori regularly calls him JP
  • John loves to travel, rarely gets jet lag, and has frequented many countries around the world.
  • For an old fella 😉 John is quite technologically savvy.  He even put wifi in his new truck to support all his devices!

Lori Lamb


Lori is happily married and has three children. You will probably meet her “flock” at some point on your job site. Lori’s first passion was also law enforcement but along the way built or renovated seven of her own houses. She has always been inspired by realestate, and making the old new again. Lori won John’s heart when she poured and placed her own stamped concrete driveway. No task seems to intimidate her, and she has been a quick study to the tricks of the trade. Lori is also lived through a renovation and is very sensitive to the impact that the disruption can have on a family. Many of our customers have been shown various aspects or pictures of Lori’s houses to reference some of their own work.

Fun facts:

  • Lori typically refers to her relationship with John (JP) as the “work wife”. Many customers raise their eyebrows at the initial confusion as Lori’s husband is also named John!
  • Lori’s sister is married to JP’S son. Just imagine the Christmas parties!
  • Lori’s home had plywood floors for 5 years! She gave her kids markers and they created a whole world of fun!